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Convert your Observer Pro horizon to a SkySafari panorama

The web-based converter will be back eventually. Until it is though, I've created a Processing script that can generate SkySafari horizon panoramas from your Observer Pro horizon files. Just click the link below to download the script (you may have to right-click and choose 'save as' depending on your browser). Open it up in the Processing Development Environment and press Run on the toolbar (looks like a play button). You will be prompted for the location of the Observer Pro .hzn file that you want to convert. Once the input file is selected, a horizon panorama of the same name will be created in the same folder. The .png file that is created can be imported into SkySafari using iTunes document sharing.

The Processing open source programming environment can be downloaded here. This script requires version 2.0 and up to run. If Processing says that a folder needs to be created when you open the script, just say OK. Feel free to modify the script to suit your needs (for example, change the panorama color or opacity).

SkySafari horizon panorama script